ISOLPHARM laser group at ICFDT6

The SPES-ISOLPHARM laser group took part to the 6th International Conference Frontiers in Diagnostic Technologies (ICFDT6), organized by ENEA and INFN in Frascati (Italy) from 19th to 21st October 2022. ICFDT6 was an interdisciplinary conference, hosting scientists and engineers involved in high energy and accelerator physics and technology, nuclear fusion plasmas, space and astrophysics research,…
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First deposition using IRIS

During the last week, the collaboration has successfully tested the IRIS (ISOLPHARM Radionuclide Implantation Station) device. The system was coupled and aligned with the SPES Offline beamline in order to perform the first stable beam deposition using this device. The first test was performed using a stable copper beam. The importance of these experiments is…
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Voxel S-Values Database

We are happy to announce the publication of our new free database of voxel S-values calculated with GEANT4.

ISOLPHARM on Nuclear Physics News International

We are happy to announce the pubblication on the NuPECC journal “Nuclear Physics News Internation” of a general article onISOLPHARM named: “The ISOLPHARM Project: Production of HighSpecific Activity Medical Radioisotopes at SPES” Available at :

Task 3 gets to the target

Task 3 activities are currently accelerating towards the selection and development of an efficient in-vitro model overexpressing CCK2R. Measurements of the intracellular calcium increase upon stimulation of the receptor were successfully performed, thus leading to an optimized tumor model which will be further tested in 3D scaffolds.


The XIX National Congress SIRR 2020 was organized by Società Italiana per le Ricerche sulle Radiazioni (SIRR) as an online conference from 10th to 12th November 2020. The most advanced research topics in the fields of radiation applications, radioprotection, medical and industrial uses of radiation were presented with a multisciplinar approach, involving aspetcs in Physics, Biology, Engineering, Chemistry and Medicine.

ISOLPHARM at SIF National Congress

The 106th National Congress of Società Italiana di Fisica (SIF) was held in the form of an on-line conference from 14th to 18th September 2020. Such congress gathers the whole Italian community of physicists, and its topics cover any field of Physics: Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics, Physics of Matter, Astrophysics, Geophysics and Environmental Physics, Bio- and Medical Physics, Applied Physics and History of Physics.

Production of 111-Ag @ L.E.N.A.

111-Ag was produced by neutron capture in a natPd target at the LENA Laboratory TRIGA Mark II nuclear reactor (Pavia University). The spectrum was obtained by irradiating 70 mg of natural Pd for one hour in the TRIGA Central Thimble.

ISOLPHARM on infn_insights

We are happy to announce that recently INFN official Instagram account (infn_insights) published a post about our experiment. The post picture shows our collection target assembly that we use to study the ionization and transport of beams of element of interest and the compatibility of target materials with the implanted beam.

GICR 2020

During 18 and 19 of September, the National Congress of GICR association was held in Padova.
This conference has become an important reference point, thanks to the high scientific profile given by international speakers, for different research fields involving medical imaging and targeted therapy with radionuclides.